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Cancer Daily Dispatches

A personal daily diary of successful cancer treatment.

Welcome to the story of my cancer journey

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2014 and had chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. I originally wrote these dispatches to help me sort out the impact that a cancer diagnosis and treatment had on my feelings of mortality and my sense of myself. Mostly I was just trying to keep it together. But along the way I went from being a normal executive director of a small non-profit organization to a dead ringer for Furiosa. Not necessarily what I was going for, but I'm okay with it.

Hopefully these stories from my experience will help you feel less alone in yours. 

What people are saying

"Three years ago, her life changed; today she begins sharing her story in a series of "daily dispatches" that are harrowing, insightful, moving, frequently funny, and always painfully honest. It's going to be an amazing ride."

"When I read about your morning coffee garb, somewhere between grubby and diva on that particular morning, I looked down at my own grubby choice and thought '' I KNOW that woman" 

"It has been cool but eerie at the same time, to basically be at the exact same stage and to hear her voice the same kind of concerns, and hopes and conflicted emotions that I am going through. I know soon her story and my story will diverge but those daily dispatches have been a comfort to me in these past couple of dark weeks."

"Reality. Well written. God bless."

"I think that is the real nature of wisdom. You can't change what happened to you but you can change how you see yourself afterwards. You can run deeper. You can run less rancid. You can learn."

"Thanks for sharing your story so beautifully, so artfully, so completely."

"The more I read the more I think that your story is less about cancer and more about an epic human voyage that is worthy of an Homeric designation."

I am a documentary filmmaker, non-profit executive, science writer, knitter, scuba diver, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, best friend, colleague. 

 I've also been a playwright, weekly radio and newspaper columnist, high school athlete, happy camper, daughter, niece and granddaughter. 

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